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Words from the ‘Glorious’ Leader

OK, it has taken a year but the ‘glorious’ leader (thanks Mr Burcin for the big up) has finally got her act together and got onto the Camerata site. As we prepare for a new year in Camerata land we envision a world where the director directs and the choir listen, then the director conducts and the choir sings, oh . . . and everyone has a pencil everytime! In this new bright and shiny choral world exciting new repertoire will be embraced, camp camaraderies formed from March 18 – 20, 2011 and everyone will learn something about music, community and how darn good it is to sing!

Henceforward this site shall be the information source of choice for all things Camerat-ian so keep your eyes skinned for regular updates and have a wonderful festive season!

Posted by: Chris Burcin | 15 April 2010

Assembly Performance Week 1

Welcome back Camerata!

As a lead-up to your ANZAC Day performance at the end of Week 1, we will be performing Homeward Bound with the Orchestra and Belle a Cappella in assembly on Wednesday.

Here are the details:

Tuesday 20 April
Rehearsal as usual in M2 (Orchestra will be in M1)

Wednesday 21 April
Rehearsal 8am-9am in the hall— this is for everyone (Camerata, Orch, Bella)
PERFORMANCE at both Assemblies
WEAR: your best school uniform

Here are links to some practice files for Homeward Bound to help you prepare:

Homeward Bound- Concert Band version (which we will do)
Homeward Bound- SATB + Piano accompaniment

Posted by: Chris Burcin | 16 March 2010

Camerata’s first performance is upon us!

Camerata’s first performance is upon us!

As we do each year, Waimea College will be providing the music for Richmond’s ANZAC Day service which takes place at on the Sunday of Week 1, Term 2.

This involves the Orchestra, Camerata & Belle a Cappella. You are expected to attend, but if you will be away from Nelson you will need to put in your apology with your conductor now!

This is an important service we can provide for our community, and especially for the brave soldiers who gave so much so our way of life can continue.

This is what you need to know:
9am— rehearsal begins at Waimea College
• Wear your best school uniform (#1s if you have them)
• Be prepared to carry gear to Sundial Square (on foot, if need be)
• We will seated and ready to begin in Memorial Gardens at 10.45am
• Be prepared to stay behind to take gear back to the College

Parents – We will have approximately 90 students needing to get to the service in a short space of time. Help with transporting students (and their instruments & stands) at approximately 10.10am would be appreciated.

Contact Mrs Sullivan on 544 6099 x897

Posted by: Chris Burcin | 4 March 2010

Camerata Camp

On the weekend of 18 March 2011 it’s that time of year again! Time to head out to Teapot Valley for Camerata Camp.

You will be able to leave your bags in M Block from 8.30am on the Friday morning.

You are to wear school uniform to school on Friday and right up until you reach camp (yes, you will travel in school uniform). You may change into mufti at camp.

IMPORTANT REMINDER: All students will return on the bus on Sunday to Waimea College. Your prompt pick up on return is appreciated.

Posted by: Chris Burcin | 1 December 2009

WIS Auditions & Stuff

  1. Camerata auditions are ALL THIS WEEK (Week Eight) at lunchtimes— or anytime you can catch Mr. Burcin. PLEASE encourage your friends (and enemies) to come along to audition. You can come in with them for support.
  2. Will you sing in Camerata 2010? Make your intentions know to Mrs. Sullivan NOW so she can finish plans for the Camp on 5-7 March. (the CORRECT date, now!)
  3. Join us at 9.30am THIS Friday (4 Dec) to sing Siyahamba at WIS— or meet us over there by 10am. Wear school uniform. We need 2 juniors to stay behind and help with auditions
  4. Junior Prizegiving is Friday 11 Dec— we will sing the National Anthem and Siyahamba. Rehearsal 9.30am. PG starts 11am. Wear: SCHOOL uniform
  5. Ensembles BBQ follows Junior PG— we provide the sausages, you bring the rest (see the newsletter or notice in M block)
  6. If you haven’t already, please CAST YOUR VOTE regarding rehearsals next year!
Posted by: Chris Burcin | 24 November 2009

Camerata 2010– Under New Management

It is my great pleasure to announce that our glorious voice teacher, Barbara Grant, will be taking over the reins of Camerata from next year! [applause]

Barbara is busily preparing for next year and she would like some information & help from all of us.

Firstly, I have volunteered to handle Camerata Auditions in Week 8. These will happen at lunchtimes, so just drag your friends along to M1 and I will hear them. Group auditions are encouraged!

We will also head over to WIS for auditions and it would great for Camerata to sing Siyahamba for their assembly. (Time TBD but I expect it will be Friday morning). Any Year 9s able to stay behind to help with auditions?

Secondly, Barbara is considering changing Camerata’s rehearsal time and urgently needs your feedback on this. Please VOTE IN THE POLL below–you may tick several options, but please only VOTE ONCE

If you have additional thoughts (i.e. Wednesday afternoons are tough for me . . . ) then leave a comment.

Camerata Camp is confirmed for Fri 5th-Sun 7th March at Bridge Valley so clear your diaries now!

Posted by: Chris Burcin | 16 November 2009

Tuesday Morning Rehearsals Are Still On

As you voted, nearly-unanimously, we are still have our rehearsals in the mornings on Tuesdays.

We are still preparing for a performance at Junior Prizegiving on Wednesday of Week 10.

Seniors: your attendance at Camerata rehearsals is optional. Focus on your exams. We would love to have you join us.

Posted by: Chris Burcin | 8 November 2009

Bella Callback Auditions Tuesday 10 Nov 12.25 in M1

Congratulations to the following auditionees who are called back for a group Bella audition on Tuesday 10 November at 12.25 in M1.

You all need to learn a new piece which you can pick up from Mrs. Sullivan or DOWNLOAD below:

“If my complaints could passions move”–John Dowland

You can also LISTEN to the piece

*Ladies– learn BOTH soprano and alto lines please

You must arrive knowing this piece as we will immediately split into groups and begin singing. (Warming up at interval is also a good idea.)

Everyone who auditioned needs to see Mrs. Sullivan for their feedback sheet (whether called back or not) and all who are welcome to join Camerata choir next year.

See you Tuesday!


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So Many Things to Say! Here Goes . . .

Buy a Tutti CD $10 to Finance CentreCamerata, as promised, here is a blog message (with secret password– see below) to make sure that you have checked this before our NEXT REHEARSAL: 13 Oct (got that? NO REHEARSAL 22 Sept— now we’ll really see who checks this thing . . . )

1. Buy a Tutti Concert CD! ($10 to Finance Centre)— Don’t miss out on this professionally-recorded souvenir of the concert. The meager fee of $10 goes entirely to covering the cost of hiring a professional who put top quality mics and mixed the thing, plus producing the physical disks. Get what I’m saying? If you want top-quality recordings of future concerts, pay the $10 for a CD

2. Are you interested in the workshop with Wellington Youth Choir? See the next post. Leave you name on it THIS WEEK or it will be too late.

3. Practice the NEW VERSION of the National Anthem— listen to it here:

Oh! and that pesky password? It’s the cost of the Tutti CD.

Posted by: Chris Burcin | 8 September 2009

Wellington Youth Choir Workshop

Wellington Youth Choir is coming to Nelson and is holding a workshop the last day of term:

  • Friday 25 Sept at Nelson College for Girls
  • 2pm- ??? (TBD)

I realise it is a tough time for seniors because of exams and Year 12s because it is Leadership Day. But some of you may still wish to attend the workshop.

Are you interested? Leave a comment here for now. If enough are interested we may be able to arrange transport TO the workshop but you would need to find your OWN TRANSPORT home.

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